Our Story

It is a well-known fact that Singapore is one of the most demanding and competitive place to live. Academic performance and certification are one of the key fundamentals for survival in the corporate world.

Like any loving parents, Jeremy’s parents wanted what is best for him.  In order to help him better cope with his studies, they would regularly purchase supplements such as chicken essence, omega pills, gingko pills, and herbal tonics (some of which he would later realise are called nootropics) for him. Despite his parent’s best effort, Jeremy was sceptical and stopped taking them entirely.

Soon after graduating, Jeremy went on to work as a Derivatives trader. The pressure to earn a decent remuneration is stressful enough, let alone outperforming his peers and he resorted to taking supplements again to help cope with the workload.

Jeremy at his Trading Desk (2016)

What happened soon after was the turning point in Jeremy’s life. He realised that in order to feel the full extent and potential of the supplements, there had to be a challenge or circumstance for them to work. This came in the form of his trading, being surrounded by constant pressure and uncertainties, Jeremy felt the effects of the various nutriments kicking in. This sparked an interest in the then trader and he researched deeply into nootropics, often experimenting with different quantities and ratios of vitamins. Sure enough, he came up with his own original formula and managed to achieve the Top Trader Award while breaking his company’s record as the Fastest Growing Trader.

Jeremy & Jacky after a Showcase (2012) & Their Dance Group (2012)

His recent discovery was accompanied by Jacky, a friend he met through his dance club back in 2012 who worked as a sales representative. They both struck a chord and found a common interest in businesses and start-ups and the two constantly brainstorm on ideas. Eventually, the nootropic idea was brought up and Jacky decided to give it a try, the result was an increase of sales and deals closed. This further inspired them to work and improve on the formula, and the 6.0 Shot was born.

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